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3 Квітня 2024

The seven hundred and sixty-eighth day (768) of the large-scale armed aggression of the russians against ours continues.


Northern Oblasts

Kyiv Oblast 

Two years ago on April 2, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Kyiv Oblast from russian invaders. 270 settlements of the region were under occupation. The russians left behind ruins, torture chambers and graves. During the occupation, 1370 residents of Kyiv Oblast died, 714 of them were tortured.

More than 17,000 of the 29,000 damaged buildings in Kyiv Oblast have been restored to date. First of all, apartment buildings and private houses are being rebuilt. In total, 18 apartment buildings will be restored in Kyiv region at the expense of UNITED24.

Chernihiv Oblast

On April 1, russia attacked eight villages in three border communities in Chernihiv Oblast with drones, mortars, cannon artillery and multiple rocket launchers. 

Sumy Oblast

113 explosions were recorded during the day in Sumy Oblast. A person was wounded in the Seredyna-Buda community, and 7 other communities in the region were also hit by russian federation shelling. 

Two russian FPV drones were shot down in Sumy Oblast on April 1.

At night and in the morning of April 2, the russian military fired 4 times at the border of Sumy Oblast, 10 mortar explosions were recorded.

The government allocates one and a half billion for Sumy region to build fortifications 

Eastern Oblasts 

Kharkiv Oblast

Russians shelled Kupiansk at least three times in the last 24 hours, firing artillery and striking the town with a guided aerial bomb. The building of an educational institution, an apartment building, and private households were damaged. A woman was injured.

On April 1, Vovchansk was hit three times with multiple rocket launchers, and a 27-year-old woman with shrapnel wounds was taken to a hospital in moderate condition. As a result of the russian attack, a residential building completely burned down.

In the evening, the russian military shelled the border town of Vovchansky Khutory with anti-aircraft guns and artillery. A house of culture, an outpatient clinic, a private household, etc. were damaged.

Also, 7 settlements were hit by air strikes over the past day. On April 1, rescuers in the region had to extinguish four fires due to shelling.   

Donetsk Oblast 

The army of russia shelled 10 settlements of Donetsk Oblast last day. About two dozen residential buildings, administrative buildings, an educational institution and a power line were damaged. According to the preliminary data of the police, there were no dead, injured or traumatized during the day.

The russian army increased the number of attacks on the front compared to the previous day - from 48 to more than 60. The occupying forces made the most attempts to break through the defenses in the Novopavlivka direction, attacking settlements near Maryinka and in the south of Donetsk Oblast, near the border with Zaporizhzhia.

The Cabinet of Ministers additionally allocated over 1 billion hryvnias for the construction of fortifications in the Donetsk Oblast.

Southern Oblasts 

Mykolayiv Oblast 

On the night of April 2, russian troops attacked the village of Solonchaky of the Kutsurub community. As a result of the shelling, residential buildings, power lines and wired internet were damaged. There are no casualties or injuries.

The government allocated 300 million for the construction of fortifications for Mykolaiv Oblast.

 Zaporizhzhia Oblast 

353 strikes were carried out by the russian army on eight cities and villages of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast during the day, April 1.

The government additionally allocated over UAH 1 billion for the construction of fortifications for the Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Kherson Oblast 

During the day, russian troops shelled 8 communities. A high-rise building, four private houses and a gas pipeline were damaged. Two people were injured.

At night, the russian military shelled the Korabelny district of Kherson. It passed without casualties.

A 79-year-old man died as a result of russian shelling of Tokarivka, Kherson Oblast. The body of the deceased was discovered today by law enforcement officers.

It was possible to return a 17-year-old boy from the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson Oblast to the territory controlled by Ukraine. Currently, he and his family are in a safe place, under the supervision of doctors and psychologists.

The government allocated 400 million for the construction of fortifications for the Kherson Oblast.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Air defense forces destroyed nine drones in the Dnipro Oblast. The falling wreckage of the downed drones caused two fires. A two-story building and a fire station were damaged. No one was killed or injured.

A 42-year-old woman was wounded in a missile strike on Kryvyi Rih late yesterday evening. Around 400 windows were smashed in apartments and stairwells near the impact site.

On the morning of April 2, the russian army attacked Nikopol raion several times with artillery and kamikaze drones. They hit the raion center and the Chervonohryhorivka community. The consequences are being investigated. 

In the afternoon, the city of Dnipro came under enemy fire. Five people were wounded. An educational institution was damaged. At the time of the attack, all the children were in a shelter, no one was killed or wounded.


Kirovohrad Oblast

In Kirovograd Oblast, a russian attack damaged a power facility: equipment at a high-voltage substation caught fire, and the fire was localized. There are currently no reports of casualties.


Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast

Polish protesters have resumed blocking truck traffic in front of the Uhryniv-Dolhobyczów checkpoint. This may result in complications for both exiting and entering Poland.


Khmelnytskyi Oblast

In Khmelnytskyi Oblast, a police bomb squad defused almost half a ton of explosives from an unexploded warhead of a russian Iskander M missile. The missile was shot down by air defense forces in Shepetivka raion during another russian attack.


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