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The four hundred and eighteenth (418) day of the russian large-scale invasion continues.

Northern Oblasts
Kyiv Oblast
The school principal of Irpin Lyceum No. 3, Stanislav Fedorov, exhibited a new photo report on the pace of reconstruction of the educational institution. According to him, work does not stop for a single day. In the educational institution, the roof covering has already been replaced and the installation of ventilation shafts has begun. Inside, workers are pouring the floor screed and building new partition walls.

Last week in Bila Tserkva, the opening of the «Safety Class» took place at the «Small Academy of Sciences for Student Youth». The modern interactive educational space of the classroom in various thematic locations gives children the opportunity to acquire safe behavior skills, learn the rules of mine, fire and radiation safety, cyber security, safety on the roads, in everyday life, on the water, and get acquainted with the algorithm of actions during emergency situations.

Zhytomyr Oblast
In Kyiv, they are going to rename one of the streets in honor of the fallen Hero of Ukraine from Zhytomyr Oblast Andriy Verkhoglyad.
Due to the intensity of hostilities in the east of Ukraine, the first evacuation trains from the affected communities of Donetsk Oblast will soon arrive in Zhytomyr Oblast. Currently, the local authorities together with the territorial communities of the Oblast are solving the issue of resettlement and are preparing to provide them with humanitarian aid.
10-year-old Yaryna Zakalyuzhna from Zhytomyr, together with other artists and craftsmen, collected 34,500 hryvnias for the dogs of the «Antares» search and rescue canine unit, which finds people under rubble. She presented her paintings at the exhibition «Ukrainian Renaissance. Unbowed» in Britain. The money from their sale was transferred to the animal protection organization UAnimals.

Chernihiv Oblast
On the morning of April 17, the russians shelled the border areas of Chernihiv Oblast. Semenivka community came under fire. The military recorded six explosions in the area of the village of Karpovychi and two in the area of the village of Leonivka. No information was received about losses among the local population or damage to civil infrastructure.

Sumy Oblast
On the afternoon of April 16, the Bilopillia, Shalygyne, and Velyka Pysarivka communities of the Sumy Oblast were shelled from russian territory. There were no damages or injured people.
On the night of April 16-17, the russian military shelled the Bilopillia community with a grenade launcher. According to preliminary information, there were no destructions and no injured people.
Among the Ukrainians released from captivity on April 16 are three residents of Sumy Oblast. These are Oleksandr Artyukhov from Sumy, Mykola Bey from the Boromlia community and Volodymyr Krupelnytskyi from Vorozhba.

Eastern Oblasts
Kharkiv Oblast
On Easter, the enemy continued shelling the civilian population of the border and front-line towns and villages of Kharkiv Oblast. Settlements of Kharkiv, Kupyansk, Chuguyiv and Izyum raions were under enemy fire.
As a result of shelling, at least 11 private residential buildings were damaged and fires broke out in Vovchansk, Chuguyiv raion.
In the village of Kurylivka, Kupyansk raion, a private home was damaged as a result of mortar attacks.
A private residential building was also destroyed due to shelling of the village of Pershotravneve, Izyum raion. There were no casualties.

Donetsk Oblast
In Donetsk Oblast, during the past day, April 16, the occupiers shelled 10 settlements, a total of 20 shellings were recorded.
During the day, the number of russian victims in Donetsk Oblast increased by 4 dead.
Since the day of the full-scale invasion, the russians have killed 1,475 civilians of Donetsk Oblast and wounded another 3,399. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion
The day before, Kostyantynivka was hit by two missiles - the enemy targeted the territory of the enterprise, they damaged 3 buildings and a car. Zvanivka and Pereizne came under fire, and the russians shelled Siversk throughout the day.
Yesterday, in Slovyansk, Donetsk Oblast, four people - a woman and three men - were found from under the rubble of a five-story building destroyed by rocket fire. Rescue work lasted 50 hours. 15 residents of Sloviansk were buried under the rubble. 10 of them died, 5 were injured. Rescuers dismantled 170 tons of destroyed building structures. A total of 39 people were injured in the shelling on April 14. 15 of them (including a child) died. 24 (including a child) were injured.
Today is another anniversary of the rally that took place on April 17, 2014 in the city captured by pro-russian forces. Then hundreds of Kramatorsk residents took to the streets to testify: Kramatorsk is Ukraine. DPR supporters gathered nearby and were held back by law enforcement officers. Since then, the Free People's March has been held annually on this day. This year it will be held online.
The non-governmental organization Smarta Association handed over 5 cars to the doctors of Donetsk and Kharkiv Oblasts. They are provided by the Swiss Government as humanitarian aid. In Kramatorsk, the primary health care center No. 1 and the Kramatorsk regional perinatal center received cars. Lilia Kislitsyna, president of the Public Organization Smarta Association, has been providing Ukrainians with loads of food and other necessary items since the first days of the full-scale war.
More than a hundred people used the services of the bath and laundry plant in Sviatohirsk only in the first two weeks of operation. A sanitary module was installed in the city so that people could wash and wash things. Three shower cabins and a toilet were installed in the plant.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut raion
During the day in the Bakhmut direction, the russian army shelled the positions of the Defense Forces and settlements 265 times, and more than 30 battles took place.
To date, more than five thousand houses have been mutilated by shelling in the Bakhmut community.
There are few evacuation routes left from Bakhmut, all of them are dangerous: the russian military is targeting evacuation vehicles with children.
Yesterday there was a lot of noise in the Chasiv Yar community. The enemy shelled the settlement with various types of weapons. Details are being clarified.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion
In the Avdiyivka direction, the enemy shelled more than 15 settlements. 3 shellings were recorded in Kurakhovo, single shellings in Avdiyivka, Karlivka, Tonenke, Vodiane, Pervomaisk and Netaylovo. 2 houses were damaged in Solovyovoi of the Ocheretyn community.
The occupiers hit the civilian population with aircraft, S-300 air defense systems, Hrad anti-aircraft missiles, artillery.
28 civilian objects were destroyed and damaged - 19 residential buildings, a sports complex, a power line, farm buildings, a garage, reports the communication department of the police of the Donetsk Oblast.
In the Maryinka direction, our defenders repelled numerous enemy attacks in the area of ​​Maryinka settlement of Donetsk Oblast. At the same time, Krasnohorivka, Maryinka, Georgiivka, Maksimilianivka, Pobyeda and Novomykhailivka came under enemy fire.
Avdiyivka currently has three children. Shelling continues in the city. The policemen continue their work to evacuate the civilian population.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha raion
In the Volnovakha direction, 5 houses were damaged in Novoukrayinka, Prechistivka and Bogoyavlenka were shelled.

In the occupied Mariupol, the russians erected a monument to the general who took part in the occupation of the city. A monument to the occupier was erected near school No. 7, which the occupation administration renamed in his honor. Schoolchildren and teachers were driven to the opening. This is another attempt to heroize the criminals who killed the civilians of the city.

Luhansk Oblast
On April 16, Stelmakhivka, Nevske and Bilogorivka were subjected to artillery shelling by the russian army.
The State Environmental Inspection in the Luhansk Oblast calculated the damage, amounting to more than 800 million hryvnias, caused by the aggressor as a result of the destruction of the building of the Mountain Oblast Special School, which caused the land plot to be littered with building debris and projectiles.

Southern Oblasts
Mykolayiv Oblast
As of 07:30 on the morning of April 17, no enemy shelling was recorded on the territory of the Mykolaiv Oblast.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast
During the past day, April 16, the russian military fired 56 times at 16 populated areas of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast: 46 artillery strikes, 4 air strikes, 4 with the use of drones, and 2 MLRS attacks. A man was injured as a result of the shelling.
On the evening of April 16, russian troops shelled Zaporizhzhia. As a result of the russian attack, the garden cooperative was destroyed. People were not injured.

Odesa Oblast
The russian army took three Caliber carriers into the Black Sea with a total volley of up to 16 missiles. In total, seven ships are on combat duty.
On April 16, two servicemen from the Odessa 35 Marine Brigade named after Rear Admiral Mykhailo Ostrogradskyi were released from russian captivity.
In Stockholm, an action was held in support of the captured border guards and marines from Zmiiny Island, located in Odesa. People came out to remind that 36 defenders have been in russian captivity for over a year.

Kherson Oblast
Kherson Oblast was shelled 46 times by heavy artillery, drones and aviation. Kherson - three times. The shells hit residential quarters. There are no casualties or injuries.
During the day, russian troops shelled the settlements of three communities of the Beryslav raion. In particular, the Red Lighthouse, Mykolaivka, Odradokamyanka, Olhivka and Tyaginka. Damaged cars, houses and farm buildings. There are no injured or dead.
In the Kherson Oblast, two residents of the Stanislav community will be tried for collaboration. The accused, as part of the so-called "election commission", accompanied by armed soldiers of the russia, went from house to house in Shiroka Balka with ballots and ballot boxes. Locals were urged to participate in illegal voting. The accused are currently in custody. They face up to 10 years in prison with confiscation of property.
On the right bank of the Kherson Oblast, sappers surveyed almost 30,000 hectares of territory, of which more than 24,000 hectares are agricultural land. 56,219 explosive objects were discovered and neutralized in these territories.
Two reinforced concrete shelters were installed in the Stepanivka Starostyn district. They were placed at transport stops.

Central Oblasts
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
On Easter, russians shelled Nikopol with artillery, a shell hit a church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the moscow patriarchate. One police officer was injured and hospitalized, another man was wounded.
In the evening of April 17, russian troops struck Nikopol again. So far, one person has been reported wounded. 5 residential buildings, outbuildings, a hostel, a sports club, a private enterprise, and a parking lot were damaged.
Since February 24, 2022, 129 cases of destruction and damage to educational buildings have been recorded in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. These include schools, higher education institutions, kindergartens, school stadiums, sports and playgrounds in the cities of Dnipro, Zelenodolsk, Kryvyi Rih, Nikopol, Marhanets, and the villages of Hryhorivka, Berezove, Velyka Kostromka, etc.
In Kryvyi Rih, five sakura trees were planted in honor of metallurgists who died at the front on the Alley of Memory of Colleagues-Heroes near the Foundry and Mechanical Plant management. Each tree planted by the repairmen is personalized.
In Dnipro, concerned citizens gathered near the Holy Trinity Cathedral. They rallied against the city's Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the moscow patriarchate. The activists called for a petition to ban their activities and stop attending such churches.

Kirovohrad Oblast
Among the 130 soldiers released from russian captivity are residents of Kirovohrad Oblast. They have returned home: Roman Bemba - the Vilshany community, Holovaniv Raion, Andrii Vedmedenko - the Oleksandriia community, Mykola Horehlyad - the Ustyniv community, Kropyvnytskyi Raion, Roman Koval - the Novoarhanhelsk community, Holovaniv Raion, Yurii Koledin - the Kropyvnytskyi community, Ihor Bashtovenko - the Svitlovodsk community, Oleksandriia Raion.
Soldiers of the 121st separate terrorist defense brigade planted seedlings in one of the frontline settlements in southern Ukraine. In total, the terrorist fighters planted 100 paulownia trees and 100 rose bushes. The saplings were provided free of charge by a utility company in Dnipropetrovsk Raion.
Anatoliy Stoian, the regional coordinator of Active Community in Kropyvnytskyi, held a meeting of the Active Community Club at the Sokil Lyceum on the topic "Communication in the community: how to protect yourself from false information in the community?". The event was attended by about 30 people. Cadets, lyceum students, teachers, city council officials, and active citizens discussed information security issues and learned how to filter information, and recognize fakes and bots.

Poltava Oblast
Poltava resident Serhii Vovchenko has returned from russian captivity. The soldier of the 77th separate airmobile brigade went missing near Bakhmut. Soon after, a video of him was released by the occupiers from Wagner. Immediately after returning to Ukraine, he asked to bring home all the heroes who defended Ukraine.
The award was handed over to the mother of the fallen defender from Poltava Oblast. The President posthumously awarded Oleksandr Stepanko from Myrhorod with the Order "For Courage" of the III degree. The soldier served as a grenade launcher in Luhansk Oblast. On April 16, 2022, he was killed near Sievierodonetsk.
Hundreds of yards in Poltava Oblast were damaged by rising water levels in the Dnipro River. Six villages in the Kremenchuk Raion experienced flooding due to the rising water level in the Dnipro. In the villages of Kryvushi, Samusiivka, Checheleve, Dmytrivka, Prydnipryanske and Potoky, hundreds of yards and household plots were affected.
The Active Community team in Poltava helped evacuate people with disabilities who had temporarily arrived in the city to Poland. This became possible thanks to the cooperation of the actors with the Light of Hope Charitable Organization.

Western Oblasts
Lviv Oblast
In Lviv, for the first time in Ukraine, a prosthesis was implanted directly into a person's bone. The first patient was a veteran of the russian-Ukrainian war, 56-year-old Ihor Krupnov, who lost both legs in the fighting.
For almost a year, the Lviv Regional Library named after Ivannychuk has been holding Ukrainian language classes for IDPs. Among the students are internally displaced persons from Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts. Here, they not only learn Ukrainian, but also find support and join volunteer initiatives, such as weaving camouflage nets for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
On April 11, 16 orphans brought from Luhansk Oblast were baptized at the orphanage. The godparents were cadets of the Hetman Petro Sahaidachny Army Academy and patrons of the orphanage.
Rivne Oblast
On Easter, six soldiers from Rivne Oblast were released from russian captivity. Nazar Parfeniuk from Klevan, Andrii Soliarskyi from Hrusvytsia, Ivan Hnatiuk from Varash, Serhii Kurakin from Varash, Roman Rybak from Rivne, and Leonid Kulatskyi from the village of Berehy in Dubno Raion were reunited with their families.
USAID AGRO will co-fund projects to support the processing of grains, oilseeds, and pulses. The support will be aimed at expanding existing processing capacities, including those of small agricultural producers. USAID AGRO plans to provide up to UAH 367 million in 20 projects.

Chernivtsi Oblast
Farmers and beekeepers in Bukovina are to be issued 30-day passes that will allow them to work during the curfew.
Internally displaced people living in the Klishkivtsi community received food and hygiene kits. The aid came from the NGO Good People of Bukovina.
At Chernivtsi Polytechnic College, students are making power banks for the military from used e-cigarettes. They also make dropping systems for drones. They send them to college graduates who are now at the front. The parts are made on a self-made 3D printer.


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