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5 Вересня 2023

The five hundred and fifty-eighth day (558) of the large-scale armed aggression by the russian against our continues. 


Northern Oblasts

Kyiv Oblast

The State Audit Service began to check the communities of Kyiv Oblast for the use of funds for reconstruction. The inspection has already taken place in the Irpin community. Currently, it continues in Bucha. This year, they will also check the use of the funds allocated for reconstruction in the Hostomel and Borodyanka communities.

In Stoyanka, a bridge over the Irpin River that was blown up in February 2022 was opened. Therefore, full access to Kyiv via the Zhytomyr highway has been restored. All four lanes of the bridge were opened for traffic. Landscaping work is currently underway, and new markings will be added in the near future.

In the Kyiv Oblast, over three months of summer, border guards discovered 34 persons possibly involved in collaborative activities.

Zhytomyr Oblast

In the Zhytomyr Oblast Museum for the first time in the post-Soviet period, the works of artists who were born or worked in the Zhytomyr Oblast from the 19th century to the present have been collected in one exhibition. Among the works are military items painted by artists, which will become lots at a charity auction in support of the Armed Forces.

Chernihiv Oblast

On September 3, the russian army shelled four border communities of Chernihiv Oblast: Semenivka, Horodnyanka, Novgorod-Siverske, and Snovske.

In Chernihiv Oblast, a russian serviceman who tortured a resident of Lukashivka was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Sumy Oblast

On September 3, the russian army shelled 7 communities of the Sumy Oblast. 137 explosions were counted. In Bilopillya community, a private house and an outbuilding were damaged, and in Vorozhba, four private houses and premises of an agricultural enterprise were damaged.

During the night and morning of September 4, the russian army shelled 3 border communities of the Sumy Oblast. 19 explosions were recorded.

On the morning of September 4, russian military artillery shelled the town of Druzhba, Shostkinska raion, Sumy Oblast. A 47-year-old local woman was injured while on the territory of her own household. 7 private houses were damaged.

The Security Service of Ukraine detained a resident of the Shostkinska raion who cooperated with the FSB of the russia. He spied on the defense forces in the Sumy Oblast and passed data to the russian military. The man faces life imprisonment.

Eastern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Last night, russian occupiers shelled the village of Shiykivka, Izyum raion. The canteen building was damaged. No casualties.

During the past day, the enemy was raiding the settlements of Kharkiv, Bogodukhiv, Chuguyiv, Kupyansk and Izyum raions.

As a result of shelling, a 59-year-old civilian man was injured and hospitalized in Kupiansk. A commercial facility was destroyed in the city.

In the village of Cherneshchyna, Izyum raion, 2 private households were destroyed by a guided air bomb.

In addition, Udy, Vovchansk, Gatishche, Budarky, Vilkhuvatka and other settlements were under enemy fire. Civilian infrastructure was damaged, forest fires occurred.

Donetsk Oblast

Over the past day, the russian army shelled 8 towns and villages of Donetsk Oblast.

On September 3, shelling by the russian army in Donetsk Oblast killed one person in the village of Tikhonivka, and five others were wounded.

Since February 24, 2022, the russians have killed 1,680 civilians of Donetsk Oblast, injured another 4,071 people. The number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently unknown.

Two russian pilots who were shot down and captured in Donetsk Oblast were exchanged. One of them is retired major Fedorchukov, his attack aircraft was shot down on June 18, 2022 in the Svitlodarsk raion. The second is captain, helicopter pilot Semikin, who was captured in the Volnovakha raion.

Kramatorsk and Kramatorsk raion

In the Lysychansk direction, the russians shelled the Lymansk community 7 times and Siversk once.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk raion

In the Avdiyivka direction, the enemy continued to fire artillery and mortar fire at the settlements of Nevelske, Karlivka, Avdiyivka, Tonenke, Pervomaiske, Severna, Novokalynove.

In the Maryinka direction, the settlements of Krasnohorivka, Maryinka, Georgiyivka, Pobieda, Novomykhailivka, Katerynivka were hit by artillery fire.

In the Donetsk direction, the russians shelled Kurakhove and Vovchenka, isolated shelling of Avdiyivka and the outskirts of the Ocheretyne community was recorded.

Aid in the form of two orthopedic mattresses was received from the «Doctors Without Borders» charity fund for the displaced people of the Pokrovsk community. Residents received food packages from the Quality of Life Foundation. Public organization «Proliska» handed over construction materials.

Bakhmut and Bakhmut raion

In the Horlivka direction, 7 houses in Toretsk and a substation in Dyliyivka were damaged.

In the Kostyantynivka community, the St. George's Church in Oleksandro-Shultyne was hit, and in Novoukrayinka, enemies targeted the House of Culture. 

In the Chasiv Yar community, 2 private houses, an industrial building and 5 garages were damaged.

In the Bakhmut direction, the Ukrainian military liberated another 3 square kilometers last week.

At the same time, during the day near Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed about 160 russian soldiers and four drone control centers.

Volnovakha and Volnovakha raion

In the Volnovakha direction in the Komar community, houses on two streets in Vesele and a warehouse in the village of Shevchenko were damaged. In the Vugledar community, Vugledar, Novoukrainka and Prechistivka were under fire.


The Mariupol Resistance summed up the results of the summer in Mariupol. With confirmation from the russian mass media and the public, we are talking about the liquidation of a total of 21 russian military personnel on the territory of Mariupol and the raion, in particular by poisoning.

The documentary film «20 Days in Mariupol» by war correspondent and Pulitzer Prize laureate Mstislav Chernov was released. The film is about the blockade of Mariupol in February-March 2022 during a full-scale russian invasion. Mstislav Chernov took all the shots during his 20-day stay in the city. They have all the fear and pain of people who tried to save themselves in the middle of hell.

Luhansk Oblast

Bilohorivka was attacked by air force and artillery of the russians. The occupiers also fired at Nevske from various artillery systems.

In Lysychansk, the invaders deployed a network of metal acceptance points, which is in demand. First, the russians destroyed a significant number of industrial facilities where there is something to live on. Secondly, most of the people were evacuated from the city. Hundreds of houses and thousands of apartments remained empty. Those who later return to such a dwelling discover the absence of even cutlery and garden equipment, not to mention something more valuable.

Southern Oblasts

Mykolayiv Oblast

On the night of September 4, in the Mykolayiv Oblast, the forces and means of air defense destroyed a russian reconnaissance UAV of operational-tactical level (unspecified type).

Yesterday, September 3, the enemy struck the coastal strip of the town of Ochakiv, Ochakiv community. There are no casualties.

Also, yesterday, September 3, the enemy fired artillery at the water area of ​​the Ochakiv community. There are no casualties.

In the afternoon of September 3, the settlement of the Kutsurub community came under enemy artillery shelling. There are no casualties.

In Mykolayiv, Pervomaisk, Voznesensk and Bashtanka raions, the day and night passed relatively calmly.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Yesterday, the russian army fired 104 times at the cities and villages of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast with anti-aircraft missiles, and launched a missile attack on Verkhnia Tersa. It also hit Orikhiv with six aerial shells, as a result of which a 51-year-old woman was injured.

A family from Mala Tokmachka was also injured as a result of the shelling: a 68-year-old woman and a 71-year-old man. All the wounded were taken to medical institutions.

The Defense Forces of Ukraine continue to conduct an offensive operation in the Melitopol direction. The Ukrainian military had success in the Novodanylivka-Novoprokopivka direction of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast. They are fixed at the achieved boundaries now.

Odesa Oblast

During the night of September 4, the russian military attacked the civil infrastructure of the Danube area with “Shahed-136” drones. 17 drones were shot down by air defense forces. There were hits in two communities of Odesa Oblast: warehouse and production buildings, equipment of agricultural and industrial enterprises were damaged. There are no injured. 

Russian drones crashed and detonated on the territory of Romania during an attack near the port of Izmail in Odesa Oblast. 

The Odesa-Dnipro train was delayed due to an emergency situation in Odesa Oblast. It arrived in Dnipro with a several-hour delay, and passengers were provided with a free lunch on the way and all necessary transfers.

Kherson Oblast

On September 3, the russian army shelled Kherson Oblast 57 times. The buildings of an educational institution and a joint-stock company in Kherson, a poultry farm in Kherson region, and an administrative building in Beryslavske were damaged. One person was killed and five, including a child, were injured.

Yesterday, an 11-year-old boy was wounded in the village of Sonyachne, Kherson community, as a result of russian shelling. He was diagnosed with mine-blast trauma and leg injuries. He is currently in hospital in moderate condition. A child was also wounded in the shelling of Bilozerka Yesterday, the russian army shelled a kindergarten in Bilozerka, Kherson Oblast. They attacked with rocket artillery. The roof was damaged and a dozen windows were smashed.

The russian army shelled residential buildings in Bilozerka, Kherson Oblast. A family was hit: A 35-year-old man died on the spot, his 36-year-old wife and 9-year-old daughter were hospitalized. A 37-year-old local resident also sustained facial injuries.

The former deputy director of the Nyzhniodniprovsky National Park will be tried for treason. During the occupation, he handed over watercraft to the occupation authorities and the russian military for use. He also helped to create the so-called "Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Kherson Region" and formalized the legal framework for it under russian law.

Central Oblasts

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Last night, air defense forces destroyed 6 drones in the sky over the region. 

A fire broke out this morning as a result of a drone hitting an infrastructure facility in the Dnipro Oblast. The consequences are being investigated. Preliminary, there are no dead or injured.

A resident of Dnipro and a resident of Zhovti Vody were served with a notice of suspicion of inciting hatred and supporting the actions of russian troops. They shared posts from pro-russian communities. They also left comments calling for support for the actions of the russian army.

Kirovohrad Oblast

Kropyvnytskyi police officers worked in the de-occupied territories in Kherson, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia Oblasts. In the de-occupied territories, they register war crimes committed by russians and identify people who collaborate with the occupiers. In particular, they found 79 torture chambers.

Poltava Oblast

A powerful all-terrain vehicle was sent by Poltava residents to marines at the front. The vehicle has increased cross-country ability and is equipped with a three-liter turbocharged engine. It can accommodate eight people. The vehicle was previously used by the French Legion.

The sixth rotation of Poltava architects and builders returned from Kherson. They worked in the city for about a week and inspected 41 more objects. This time, the team included employees of the regional military administration, Kobelyatska and Poltava communities, Poltava Polytechnic, Local Roads Agency, and a private enterprise. The new team of the Poltava "architectural landing party" has already been formed.

Cherkasy Oblast

Soldier Oleh Kravchenko received the President's award "For Defense of Ukraine". In civilian life, the defender was a teacher of history and law at Chyhyryn Lyceum. Currently, the soldier continues to defend the country from the enemy.

Cherkasy Special Forces served a notice of suspicion to a man who voluntarily cooperated with the leadership of the Kherson occupation administration. The suspect is a local resident who provided the russian occupation authorities with unimpeded use of information networks during the occupation of the regional center.

Vinnytsia Oblast

A football tournament among children and youth with disabilities was held in Vinnytsia for the first time as part of the Special Olympics of Ukraine. The competition was attended by 50 people aged 7 to 35.

Crowned cranes and black squirrels were transported to the Vinnytsia Zoo. The animals were evacuated from zoos in Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia Oblasts. They had a good trip and are getting used to the new conditions.

Western Oblasts

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Another utility worker was handed the keys to his official housing in Khmelnytskyi. The man came to the city after russia's full-scale war from Lysychansk, which is now occupied. He started looking for a job and joined the ranks of Khmelnytsky's utility workers. Now he is undergoing training and preparing to liberate his hometown with arms. In total, 240 families of Khmelnytskyi utility workers have received housing since 2016.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Andrii Puzdriak from Bukovyna was awarded the Golden Cross honorary badge of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Vasyl Fodchuk received the "Cross of the Airborne Assault Troops" award from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Stepan Rachuk, a resident of the Rukshyn territorial community who was killed in action, was posthumously awarded the Order for Courage, III class.

The St. Olga's Shelter in Khotyn, opened by Eleos Ukraine with the support of the 100% Life network, was launched in 2020. Representatives of key communities, as well as those who have suffered from domestic violence and russian military aggression, find refuge and assistance at the shelter. 

The City of Good Crisis Center in Chernivtsi opened a garden for terminally ill children. It is divided into areas for recreation and therapy. A hospice unit is being set up near the garden, where children can observe nature through a glass terrace. It is also possible to take them for a walk in the garden. 

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

SBU investigators detained a resident of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast who was spreading russian propaganda on social media. The man, born in 1957, is a former soviet military officer and an ideological supporter of the "russian world".

More than 250 Plast members from all over Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast celebrated the opening of the new 'Plast' (scout) year. Among them are almost 60 newcomers.

Zakarpattia Oblast

Over the weekend, border guards detained 70 men in Zakarpattia for attempting to illegally cross the border.

Last week, volunteers at the "Owl's Nest" Humanitarian Aid Center distributed more than 60 packages with essentials for children under 2 years old, 100 food packages, and 50 hygiene kits to IDPs registered in Uzhhorod. The IDPs also received clothes, bed linen, and tableware (almost 2700 items in total).


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